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AnteWessels, Secretary (anteatffiidotorg) DieterVanUijvanck (dieteratvrijschriftdotorg)
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JeroenHellingman, Member}}} JeroenHellingman, Secretary}}}

ScriptumLibre.org Foundation is the international branch of the Dutch "Stichting Vrijschrift.org". ScriptumLibre creates awareness about the economic and social meaning of free knowledge and culture for our society. See our [:Objectives:Objectives page] for more information.


ScriptumLibre Foundation / Stichting Vrijschrift.org
Trekwei 7
8711 GR Workum
The Netherlands
+31 515 54 34 34

The board:

WiebeVanDerWorp, Founder, chairman (wiebeatvrijschriftdotorg)
DieterVanUijvanck (dieteratvrijschriftdotorg)
JeroenDekkers, Treasurer (jeroenatvrijschriftdotorg)
ArendLammertink, Member
JeroenHellingman, Secretary

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