Call for IT Professionals

Take action

  • Read about the Trend Micro's patent attack on ClamAV [1]

  • Blog about, and encourage others to boycott Trend Micro

  • Email lists, IT-decision makers, and potential supporters (paste this text)

  • Contact the media with our press release [2]

  • Translate the press release [3]

  • Join the mailing list [4]

  • Put banners on your site

The patent attack [1] on ClamAV by Trend Micro is simply unacceptable. We must boycott Trend Micro, and we must act urgently and aggressively.

A final note: software patent attacks are a problem for both copyleft and copyright developers so please make this boycott as wide as possible.

Thank you for helping!

[1] A good starting point is the boycott page:

[2] The Press Release:

[3] Create a user account at and request write rights via or mail it

[4] Mail-list:

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