How to remove Trend Micro from my PC

Our mission is How to remove from the market but many requests involve How to remove from my PC. Although the end result is the same we are not able to focus on it and we are not the best party to help you: We are people focusing on free software, rejecting (and not using) non free software such as Trend Micro stuff. If the anonymous quote below sounds familiar read on...

I seem to have some kind of Trend Micro program running on my computer, and I'd like to remove it.  I have already removed the Trend Micro from my hard drive. 
However, after I start up my computer, on the first instance that I open Internet Explorer, a second Internet Explorer window automatically opens with an offer to buy Trend Micro software.  Here is the link to the website that opens up automatically:
How can I stop this?  Do I have to write to Trend Micro to stop it?  Do you have any advice for me?  I am not an IT professional, so I'm not sure how this is happening to my computer.
I can see why you have boycotted that despicable company and I don't want them connecting in any way with my computer.

So our short solution answer would be to study whether Ubuntu fits you and install it. You may want to search the web for a solution like:

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