Keep ScriptumLibre Up and Running

The Dutch Foundation is our legal entity and has bills to pay, even while we are 100% run by volunteers that don't get a penny. Money is needed more than ever to cover our costs and objectives. With your financial support, we can make a difference. Thank you for donating generously!

How to donate

  • by domestic bank tranfer (preferred option for donating from the Netherlands):

    • Stichting
    • ING 4241287
    • Address: Trekwei 7, 8711 GR Workum, The Netherlands
  • by international bank transfer (preferred option for donating from the European Union):

    • Stichting
    • IBAN NL63 PSTB 0004 2412 87
    • BIC PSTBNL21.
    • Address: Trekwei 7, 8711 GR Workum, The Netherlands

Total transparency

We put the date and amount of your donation in the "Donations received" section of this page as we process it. Hint: a "funny" amount (12.34 €, 23.45 €, 3.14€,...) is easy to track.Do you want to show your friends that you donated to Vrijschrift? Then please mail your name, donation amount and donation date. Our treasurer will add your name to your donation here.

Tax deductible?

  • In general donations to Vrijschrift are deductible but you may want to contact your national tax collection agency. Keywords: charity, general interest, cultural, philosophy.
  • More information about "deductibility" of your donation from within the Netherlands (local copy).

Donations received

Permanent sponsors: XS4ALL delivers server rack space and data traffic,ViaISN delivers the servers and promotional posters.

  • 2007
    • Anonymous, general donation, we are using it to run and have representatives in NB's of ISO JTC1 SC34 members, ~Eur 2.500

    • Digitale Pioniers, Scriptumlibre/Vrijschrift acting as legal entity for funding OpenStreetMap in order tot buy GPS's and arrange mapping parties, Eur 12.000

  • 2006
    • Myckel Habets, Eur 200
  • 2005
    • Lars P Mathiassen, Eur 1.000
    • Joris de Ruiter, Eur 60
    • Geert Stappers, Eur 50
    • Anonymous donations, Eur 391.82
  • 2003
    • Notary Houtsma ( notaris at houtsma dot knb dot nl), legal advice at Foundation startup

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