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Would you do business with a company that would sue you for using a competitors product?

Then Boycott Trend Micro!


See [:Boycott Trend Micro:The boycott page] for more information.

Charlie McGreedy's new love-affair

European Commissioner Charlie McGreevy has found a new lover. His coming-out was last Valentines day. In his public love letter, he promised a shower of gifts to his new flame. The lucky receiver of all his amorous attention: Music Industry. After music fans showed the Industry the door for starting a crusade against them, they were desperate for an new cash-cow to continue their lavish lifestyle.

[:Charlie McGreedy's new love-affair:The rest of the story...]

Petition Free Software for the European Parliament


The European Parliament’s ICT runs on non-free software that is not interoperable. This is in conflict with the first article of Chapter 1 in the Treaty of the European Union. Sign the petition at http://www.openparliament.eu/ against vendor lock-in.

About ScriptumLibre

ScriptumLibre creates awareness about the economic and social meaning of free knowledge and culture for our society. ScriptumLibre fulfills both a protecting and promoting role. ScriptumLibre.org is the international branch of the Dutch Vrijschrift.org Foundation. On an international level we host the '[http://www.translationproject.org/ Translation Project]' for Free Software and we were very active fighting the European software patent directive and IPRED.

[:About ScriptumLibre:More...]

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