Trend Micro Updates

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How to remove Trend Micro?

Our mission is How to remove from the market but many requests involve How to remove from my PC. Although the end result is the same we are not able to focus on it. However here are some tips: How to remove Trend Micro from my PC.

A word from the HijackThis developer 120208

Merijn Bellekom is the original developer of the popular program HijackThis and sold the program to Trend Micro in 2006. On the question how he looks at the attack of Trend Micro on ClamAV he answered: "I have not been doing business with TrendMicro for more than a year and I have nothing to do with HijackThis anymore. I don't know why they went in this direction or what they hope to achieve but I do not think it will become really successful or popular."

The boycott is slashdotted (120208)

The Boycott of trend Micro is slashdotted (110208 in the US). This is what we need: exposure in order to make the boycott effective.

FSF supports the boycott (080208)

The Free Software Foundation announced their support for the boycott of Trend Micro this evening. We are very glad they did and hope more players will follow

Press Releases Issued (080208)

The press releases about the boycott of Trend Micro are released at 9:00 Dutch time. See Press Release Boycott Trend Micro

Start Dutch Boycott of Trend Micro (040208)

The Foundation started a boycott of Trend Micro.

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